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Our Fundraising CD features 9-year old Autumn Rae singing songs that are fun for kids to listen and feel a connection to their natural world. Funds help the Earth Harmony Foundation.

Fun Earth Videos for Kids

Hoppin Like a Bunny


Hoppin like a bunny

Hoppin like a bunny hops

It’s so funny

I don’t ever want to stop

Hoppin through the garden

Where all the birdies sing their songs

Tweet Tweet Tweet 

It sounds so sweet

The bunnies all sing along

Singing Fly birdie fly 

Through the big birdie sky

Hop bunny hop

With a big hippy hop.

I Am An Elephant

I am an elephant, walking through the forest. 

If I was the Earth


If I was the Earth,

I’d fly around the sun

I’d sing a freedom song

Let all people know that we are one.

If I was the Earth,

I’d hold you in my hand,

I’d make a mountain rise 

Above your garden land,

To shower you with love

And rainbows round the breeze

And daffodils and trees

A daily sunrise birth,

If I was the earth

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Sittin in the Creek

Sittin in the creek

Sittin in the creek

All day long

Sittin the creek

The water feels so good

Comes right up to my cheek


Sittin in the creek

The Rain is Falling


The Rain is Falling

The rain is falling from the sky 

From the clouds way up high

The rain is falling from the sky today.

The rain it makes a gentle sound 

Upon the roof and on the ground

The rain it makes a gentle sound today. 

I love to watch the raindrops land 

Upon my face and in my hand,

It makes me feel alive and grand today.

The ducks are playing on the lake

Hear the quacking sound they make.

The ducks are splashing in the rain today.

And the flowers are growing,

And the rivers are flowing,

And I am knowing, that a rainbow is near.

The rain is falling from the sky today.

Voices of the World Singalong

Autumn Rae leads a sing along with words - Add your Voice and sing along