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Connect with Nature and Pore Breathing

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions

Connect with Nature and Pore Breathing


In her book, Eco-Spirit, Levanah explains how we are part of nature, therefore, part of the problem and part of the solution. We are a conscious organism. WE have the ability to raise ourselves to a higher consciousness. The potential to be a truly evolved race of beings. We can speak to nature, as we are a part of it. WE are the expression of nature on a conscious level. 

Here are a few of the tips she gives tools to connect deeply with the nature we are part of.

1. Objects have spirits, respecting the spirit of all things allows a greater connection. Before crossing a river, people in the past would speak with the spirit of the river. Before cutting a tree, the same, and would do so only necessary and when the moon is waning.

2. Levanah was able to experience Elementals, which are invisible helpers in nature. take time to try and behold them.

3. Breathe through your whole body. Pore breathing is like a sponge or paper towel soaking up the life force. Breathe with your diaphragm and breathe in the life force which is all around. also breathe with the pores of your body and when you breathe out, exhale what you don't want and retain the life force.

She says. “We have the ability to create an incredibly toxic planet or an incredibly abundant planet. The more people who transform themselves, the more we affect life on the planet in a positive, life-enhancing way.”

Council of All Beings

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions

Connect with Nature and Pore Breathing


Council of All Beings

The beings that co-exist with us in the web of life are profoundly affected by our actions, yet they have no hearing in our human deliberations and policies, no voice to call us to account. 

The Council of All Beings gives them a voice--and because it is our own as well, it can change the ways we see and think.

“Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life on whose behalf we can act. We belong to this world.”

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions


In her book, Doorways of Light, Sarah Jeane (Sibli) gives wonderful insight into Communication techniques with animals.

She suggests exploring why your animal companion is in your life. She says, 'be attentive to the way they respond to energies - to keep you and them safe.

Every being has a mission and purpose - to give birth to a new world of peace and harmony.

it is crucial to offer loving care to all animals whenever we have opportunities and means to do so.

"Fill your heart with so much joy and love energy. Slowly and gently, direct that energy into their heart center.

Always proceed with reverence and loving-kindness. As you sustain your intent to communicate, visualize and experience a flow of love light energy between both of you - heart to heart.

Animals embrace this loving energy. You will feel pure love emanating from their whole beingness because you have created a conscious connection and opened your heart to them. They know your next step, your thoughts, your feelings.

Listen. Calm your mind. Direct sparkly pink light love ray energy from your heart to your animals companion. Experience the love. Visualize a rainbow of light embracing you both.

Learn about their mission and why they are in your life. They are sacred beings. Tell them how grateful you are and how beautiful they are.

The same can be done to other humans.

More about Sarah Jean Sibli at these links



Raise your Vibration

Raise your Vibration

Connect to Your Higher Self and to your Animal Companions


Solara brings in messages that are timely and yet timeless. She has recently said, " It is not so much achieving things but to love." when we make the focus of our lives experiencing and sharing and feeling love, then all things work out.

"Where attention goes, Energy flows"

Here meditaitons bring us to a place of peace where we can be in harmony.

Raise your Vibration


Affirmations for Earth Harmony.

I live in a world that is peaceful and beautiful.

I am part of the earth through what I eat, and what I contribute.

Every Day I celebrate being alive on Earth.

I see greater displays of harmony and human cooperation every day.

I  am inspired and appreciative of the  variety of creatures who share the air and co-exist.

I am ever open to new ways of being and living that bring greater joy to myself and to others.

i keep myself fit, aware, in tune, and responsive, sharing my gifts with those who wish to receive them.

Raise your Vibration


Affirmations for a Joyous Life

I am experiencing an increase of optimism and hope for my life.

I am able to overcome negative thoughts with the power of my mind and blessings of God

I am ready to move forward in my life 

I am excited to find what lies ahead on my life pathway

I am releasing any doubts and worries, knowing that my heart is a powerful tool to uplift me and my environment.

I am learning new ways to organize myself, my things and my life.

I am willing to be optimistic and joyful, knowing joy attracts joy.

I am willing to help where I can and share what I have, knowing the good I do comes back to me.