Earth Summit - Rio De Janeiro 1992




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Genesis of the Earth Harmony Foundation

The Earth Harmony Foundation found it's Genesis in Rio de Janeiro, 1992 when Dov Gertzweig, Judi Amber Lloyd and seven-year old Aisha, who performed and sang together as a trio in local Los Angeles environmental events collectively known as the Planet Players, were invited to the Summit to speak and perform at the many events at the Global Forum, which was part of the Earth Summit. They  experienced the celebration and helped in defining of the many goals to be achieved to keep the earth in a healthy way. They were part of Los Angeles Contingent to bring their songs to perform at the Summit.  In the spirit of Global Harmony, they met a local performer from Rio named Ricardo who they invited  to play his guitar and sing along with the Planet Players.

The Planet Players close out the Earth Summit with Earth Day Every Day

From 'The Earth Summit: A Planetary' reckoning by Adam Rogers, Chapter 13 page 297 - 

"The concert continued until 3 a.m., with a closing performance by Planet Players of Los Angeles, who sang Earth Day Every Day to project the message that the earth Summit was not over, not nearly over, and that it wouldn't be over until all the reasons that lead to the Summit were addressed and solved."


The Spirit of Rio

The thousands who participated at the Global Forum felt an upliftment in the hope that the dawn of a new Stewardship for the Earth had been founded. Called the Spirit of Rio, The Earth Day Every Day Mural was created in the summer of 1992 to plant the seed of the Spirit of Rio in Los Angeles.

Ongoing Earth Summits

The Earth Harmony Foundation has a vision that the Summit can become a regular occurrence, similar to the Olympics, where the world gathers to celebrate, and to work towards a better future together.


Attending the Summit were political leaders, NGO representatives, Indigenous Members, and Celebrity activists and Earth Ambassadors such as John Denver, Ted Turner, Shirley MacLaine, The Dalai Llama, Al Gore, Jaques Cousteau, Robbie Romero, Gilberto Gil, Bella Abzog, Jane Fonda, Paul Wellstone, Jimmy Cliff. The Los Angeles citizen activists who attended included Peter Kreitler, John Quigley, Suzanne Maxx, Kathleen Gildred, Fantuzzi, Woody Hastings, Jim Barenhotz.


Indigenous Peoples were given a powerful opportunity to connect and share their wisdom. The Wisdom Keepers was created, and Dov and Judi were able to take a journey with them hosted by the Hanna Strong, the wife of Maurice Strong, who was the UN official in charge of the Conference. They were on a boat traveling around the islands off of Rio and had a stay at a Plantation where they sang songs with Jimmy Cliff and Jim Berenholtz, around a campfire up in the mountains surrounding Rio.